The Red Pill Review

Check out the other site that I operate: The Red Pill Review.

I built The Red Pill Review with three goals in mind:

  1. To provide a useful tool for Red Pill readers to follow their favourite blogs, and regularly expose themselves to new authors.
  2. To provide a channel for new Red Pill authors to quickly find their audience, and immediately receive feedback on their writing.
  3. To provide a platform for Red Pill authors to promote their books and products.

Each of these supports my ultimate goal of strengthening the Red Pill community as a tool for masculine self-development, and as a catalyst for the reactionary renaissance of Western Civilization.

There are five separate feed pages on Red Pill Review:  Home, Seduction, Lifestyle, and Reaction.

The Home Page collects links from all over the Red Pill/Manosphere/Dark Enlightenment blogosphere. The Seduction, Lifestyle, and Reaction feeds are limited to writers who specialize in those subjects; this allows users of Red Pill Review to focus their reading on specific topics.

The best way to follow your favourite blogs is to use your own personalized RSS aggregator, such as feedly. However, The Red Pill Review is a valuable tool for finding new blogs to add to your reading repertoire.

Every Monday Morning, I will post a list of the top ten best Red Pill articles from the previous week.

How To Get Your Site Added To Red Pill Review

If you want to be included in the Red Pill Review feed, send me an email with a short personal bio, and links to your three best recent posts. I will read and respond to every request I receive.

However, I am committed to personally reading every post that appears on the Red Pill Review. I’m not going to inflict sub-par writing on either myself or the users of the site.

Whether I publish your site or not though, I am always happy to provide feedback and help younger writers improve their craft. Send your bio and posts to [email protected] and I’ll take a look.