While Christmas holidays are celebrated worldwide, traditions in Germany differ from one another. Saint Nicholas’ Day is one of the most important, and children are still eagerly awaiting the arrival of presents from him. Children will visit him in their homes, schools, and public events. If they recite a poem, or sing a song to him, they will be given a small gift that they can keep for as long as they like. Ruprecht is a servant who wears dark clothes and displays devilish traits. He will punish the children who behave badly during the year.

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The exchange of gifts and mesaje frumoase de craciun is another tradition. In some regions, children will be given presents by Santa Claus and leave them under the Christmas tree. Other regions will give gifts on St. Lucy’s Day or on Epiphany. In Italy, St. Stephen’s Day is extended through the Epiphany holiday. The holiday is called Il-Milied in Malta and is largely secular but has Christian themes.

While the tradition of giving gifts at Christmas varies from country to country, in general, it is practiced on the day before Christmas and the day after. In some countries, Christmas is observed on both the day before and the day after. In the past, Christmas celebrations were introduced to non-Christian areas by the Christian minority. The holiday is also celebrated in other parts of the world. It is however used informally in the United States in contrast to the more popular “Happy Holidays” phrase.

Different cultures celebrate Christmas in different ways. The celebration of Christmas is recognized worldwide by national governments, but it is less common in non-Christian countries. In some countries, Christmas is observed the day before and after. Every country celebrates Christmas differently depending on their culture and ethnicity.

Christmas gifts are traditionally given in Germany on the day before Christmas. Gifts are traditionally given on the day before Christmas in many countries. This tradition was established by the Reformation. Today, the days before and after Christmas are recognized as separate holidays. While many regions celebrate Christmas on the same day, there are some differences in the observance.

Georgia celebrates Christmas on January 7th and December 25th according to the Julian Calendar. On Christmas Eve, Christians in this country take part in a mass-based procession. To celebrate the occasion, children in certain provinces will sing a special song. The tree is decorated with brightly-colored lights and the family is expected give gifts on Christmas Eve as well as on January 6th. It is also customary for godparents that gifts are given on this day.