Automobiles have an unparalleled place in our daily life. Be it going to work or for a vacation, we mostly rely on automobiles. If I say without automobiles, we are nothing is not an underrated statement. We got accustomed to automobiles and are becoming more and more reliant on automobiles. Have you ever wondered which are countries have high production of automobiles? If no, then it’s time to know. We will discuss here which country tops in automobile production and how they are making it possible to have domination for over a decade. If you are looking to buy the latest and most advanced car, you would need a lot of money where playing เว็บบอล online could totally help you out. 

Five Leading Automobile Manufacturing Countries

Undoubtedly, China tops in automobile manufacturing globally. China holds first place in leading automobile producers with 25.7 million vehicles every year. Next on the list is the United States. Japan holds third place. Germany and India come in the next two places respectively. South Korea, Mexico, Spain, Brazil, and Russia come in the top 10 leading automobile manufacturers list.

Reason for the dominance of China in Automobiles

China is noted for its innovation and working skills. In the automobile industry, China is highly dominant and has a leading production for over a decade. A total of 25.7 million vehicles every year is equivalent to the production of 48.9 motor vehicles per minute. Globally, every year, almost 100 million cars are manufactured and China alone occupies almost 26% of automobile manufacturing worldwide. This is because China is partnered with various multinational companies and has a high rate of production. The innovation in Chinese Automobiles is noteworthy. Another predominant reason for the domination of China in automobiles is most of the automobiles produced in China are sold within the country. This provides a solid base for their production and they don’t rely on the foreign trade of their products. The undoubtedly effective working ability of the workers and their skills makes it easy for China to be the leading producers of automobiles globally.

How China become the Leading automobile Producers?

Till 2009, United States was the leading automobile producer in the world. When China entered the World Trade Market (WTO) in 2001, the production of automobiles got accelerated and the growth of China is unstoppable till then. Before 2001, the production of automobiles was very low with few thousand productions and the entry into WTO makes a drastic change in the automobile industry in China. They developed a strong partnership with various leading multinational companies and focussed on improving their production along with the quality. Separate attention is given to the innovation also. This made China surpass the United States in 2009 and became the leading automobile producer in the world. China is now focussing on Electric car production and has produced many electric cars. The ultimate aim of China is to have a wider franchise of their automobiles throughout the world and also creates a revolution in the manufacturing of electric cars. The skilful labor keeping with the trend along with innovative ideas makes China the dominant producer of Automobile globally.