Pets like to climb, scratch, and play. But these activities can damage furniture. Modern dog crate furniture was designed with your furry companion and your home aesthetics in mind.

Producers use designer fabric, high-end materials and jute or banana leaves to create pet products that complement owners’ decors. Design innovations also improve the furniture’s comfort, toughness, and sustainability, boosting market growth.


Pet owners want furniture that is stylish and durable. They want furniture that can withstand the rough play and jumping of their pets. They also want to avoid damage caused by claws and sharp teeth. In addition, they want to make sure that the furniture is easy to clean.

dog crate furniture

Many of the newer pet furniture pieces on the market have been designed with durability as a priority. Some are made of recycled materials, acacia or bamboo, or other environmentally friendly woods. Additionally, some are made from synthetic blends that are specially designed to withstand the wear and tear of rough play and jumping pets.

Smart pet furniture is also popular among pet owners. It can monitor a pet’s activity, weight and rest. It can also track the temperature in the room and give pet parents information that they can use to modify the behavior of their pet. These pieces of furniture are expensive because the technology is so advanced. That has prevented the market from expanding as quickly as it could have.

Pet parents should choose furniture that is made of durable fabrics and that is easy to clean. They should also pay attention to surface texture and the rub count of the fabric. The higher the number of rubs, the more durable and long-lasting the fabric. Also, they should opt for furniture that has a smooth or tight weave to help minimize the appearance of scratches. They should also consider furniture with metal legs instead of wooden legs, as they are less appealing to some pets who may chew or claw.

Pet-friendly furnishings are becoming more popular as people realize their pet is a member of the family and should not be treated differently. It can ease a pet’s transition into a home, and it can also be used to keep pets comfortable in their own home. In the end, though, the most important thing is that a pet has a safe place to rest and relax and that their owners are happy with the furnishings they have chosen for them.


Many pet owners want their furniture to look as stylish and elegant as the rest of their home. This is a trend that has accelerated the growth of this market. Manufacturers are focusing on the design of their products. They use materials such as designer prints and high end fabrics that match a homeowner’s aesthetic. Jute and Banana leaves are becoming increasingly popular as natural raw materials.

Pet furniture that integrates the latest technology is also in demand by consumers. This includes features such as automated feeders, built-in pet cameras, and interactive toys that keep pets mentally stimulated and engaged. These innovations help pet owners maintain a more organized household and improve the overall quality of life for their pets.

This market is growing due to the popularity of pet-friendly living, and the fact that pets are now considered family members. Consumers are drawn to pet furniture that combines style with functionality, such as storage compartments and integrated pet beds. These multifunctional pieces of furniture are perfect for families with limited space.

Popular home furnishings brands such as Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel are selling more decorative and functional pet furniture. Ikea and Casper mattresses also sell these pieces. These companies offer styles that blend with the existing decor of a home, making it easier to incorporate pet furniture into any room. Many manufacturers use protected leathers, like this Bennett sectional, in cognac, or this Giana sectional, in light grey. These are easy to clean, and resistant to stains and scratches.

Many homeowners are hyperaware of the damage that excited puppies can do to hardwood floors, so they choose furniture with hard woods that can withstand thumps and bumps from playful pets. The emergence of pet furniture that is made from recycled or environmentally friendly woods, such as acacia and bamboo, is an additional factor fueling this market.

The growth of the pet furniture industry is driven by a new generation of customers. These customers are seeking furniture that is both stylish and functional, and many prefer customization options that allow them to personalize their product. They are also attracted to sustainable materials such as recycled wood and plastics, which reduces the environmental impact of their purchase.


Performance fabrics that are stain-, claw- and hairproof are a major driver of growth for pet furniture. These materials are available in a wide range of colors and can be woven to create furniture pieces. This allows consumers to customize their interior design. Performance fabrics are durable enough to withstand the thumps and bumps of excited pets. Hardwood floor owners are well aware of the damage that can be caused by a puppy’s excited paws. By using durable materials, they can reduce this damage.

Pet furniture should also reflect the design aesthetics of millennial pet owners. Many people are willing to pay more for products that reflect such a mindset. Manufacturers can create unique pet furniture by offering customizable features such as color options, fabric choices and sizing options. This appeals customers who are looking for a more personalized touch to add sentimental value to the purchase.

Pet furniture manufacturers strive to balance both style and functionality. Pet and Pods Studio in Kent, for instance, offers a cat-tree with a sleek silhouette and a light ash finish that is designed to blend seamlessly into the home. Its patented climbing system, a series of ramps and platforms, can be configured to suit the owner’s space. The cat house sofa, meanwhile, offers multiple perches, a sisal scratch pad and a hidden pouch for toys.

Modern furniture designers also incorporate pet-friendly designs in their collections. Furmia for example, collaborates with pet behaviorists to create stylish furniture that meets the needs of cats. The result is furniture that is both functional and beautiful.

Pet furniture is a great way to improve the life of your pet. It provides a place for them to play and sleep in a safe environment. It can also add interest to a room and serve as a decorative item. The global pet furniture market is growing, and it is expected to reach USD 32.5 billion by 2025. It is primarily dominated by specialty stores, with a share of 69.3% in 2017. This segment is expected to continue to dominate the market due to high customer loyalty and the convenience of buying pet-related products in one place.

Throw Blankets

A durable throw blanket is a must for pet owners. They can help minimize hair or dander on furniture, and are often designed with colors and patterns to match the rest of the decor. Some designs feature fringe tassels or embellishments that add to the decorative appeal. These blankets come in different sizes so that your pet can be covered when snuggling up with you on the sofa or bed.

Like any other household bedding, throw blankets can become dirty over time, which makes it important to choose one that’s machine-washable. The washing label should contain specific instructions for the type of cycle and detergent to use. Regularly washing throw blankets keeps them clean and fresh. This is useful if you own pets that are prone for accidents.

Wool and cashmere are natural materials that are used to make some of the most popular blankets. These fabrics are renowned for their warmth and softness, but they are expensive and require special washing. Synthetic fabrics like fleece and sherpa can be a cheaper alternative. These fabrics are ideal for warm weather, as they are breathable and prevent overheating.

Throw blankets made of cotton or linen can be personalized to make them unique with embroidered text and paw prints. One example is the Mellanni Faux Fur & Sherpa 2-Sided Pet Throw Blanket, which features faux fur on one side and sherpa on the other. The blanket can also be machine-washed and tumbled dried, which is a good option if you have pets who tend to get messy or for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of drying a wool blanket.

Other types of blankets are designed to be more functional than decorative. Some pet blankets, for example, are designed to not slip off smooth leather furniture. This Mambe Non-Slip Dog Throw Blanket is made from a long-fiber fleece that’s soft and comfortable for both pets and people, and it has grippy dots on one side to ensure that it stays put.