If you want to settle in the greater Boston area, you should consider buying real estate in Waltham, MA. Not quite 11 miles west of downtown and Beacon Hill, Waltham has a long history. Founded in 1636, it was incorporated into a town in 1738 and into a city in 1884.

Waltham is home to a variety of businesses and restaurants. It is also home to two schools of higher learning–Brandeis University and Bentley College. At the 2000 US census, the city’s population was nearly 60,000. Waltham, as the town banner explains, has something for everyone. The city is fairly safe, with crime in 2001 falling at 129.6 on an index where the US average is 330.6. Larceny and burglary are the most significant crime problems. To have the funds to kickstart your investment venture, you might want to consider playing ufacasino168คาสิโนออนไลน์ online.

FAQ on Real Estate in Waltham, MA

Not quite 8,000 of Waltham’s 23,000 houses date from before World War II. More than half of these are occupied by tenants rather than owners (12,500 to 10,600), and 5,000 of those renters pay within an approximate range of $1,000 to $1,500 per month. The median value of real estate in Waltham, MA was $250,800 in 2000.

New construction of residential real estate in Waltham, MA has been on a gradual increase–despite a pike in 1999 and a dip in 2001–since 1996. That year 40 single-family homes were built, at an average cost of $96,600. In 2002 the average cost of the 78 new homes built was about $111,900.