You’re contemplating Boston, then, and South Boston real estate as your possible option to living in the city? You’ll have a wealth of history at your fingertips, much of it within reasonable walking distance. The first English settler was a Reverend William Blackstone, who arrived in 1629 at a settlement of Algonquin Indians. He left, ironically, after John Winthrop and his Puritans made the colony more intolerant than the England they had left in search of tolerance.

If you’re buying South Boston real estate, you’re buying into a deeply loyal neighborhood rich in history. Its main road is Broadway, which comes down from near Boston Common and angles due east toward Pleasure Bay Park. Southie, as it’s called, boasts miles of beach and waterfront that end at Castle Island, where a Revolutionary War fort still stands.

FAQ on South Boston Real Estate

Densely populated, South Boston is well known for row houses and three-story buildings, but has its share of single family houses as well. If you’re buying a house, know that Boston is the third most expensive city in the United States, trailing only Honolulu and San Francisco. That disclaimer aside, a good real estate agent can without doubt help you find what you want at the most affordable price.

Five South Boston residential properties, for example, sold in December 2002. The selling prices ranged from $300,000 to $500,000. The transactions included a condominium, undeveloped land, one mixed-use property, and two family lots. But if you have a love of the salt air and history, South Boston real estate just might be for you–whether condominium, apartment, or row house.