Eight Reasons Men With Options Don’t Date Feminists

Masculine men don’t date feminists.

Occasionally, horniness and a lack of better options forces us to bang them. But even then, we are merely going through the motions with the urgency and desperation of a starving man scraping rotten cheese off a discarded pizza box.

But as a man with options, I am free to live by the following rule: I don’t date Feminists. Here are eight reasons why every self-respecting American man should adopt this rule as his own:

1. A Feminist Will Accuse You Of Rape

Once upon a time, the word “Rape” meant something. Today – and I wonder how women who have actually been dragged into alleys, held down and capital-R Raped feel about this new definition – rape can mean:

– A girl had a few drinks before having consensual sex

– A girl felt ‘pressured’ into having consensual sex

– A girl who had sex, woke up regretting it, and came up with any of a dozen hamster-wheel rationalizations to concoct a narrative of the night that absolves her of responsibility

As I wrote in How To Avoid A False Rape Accusation:

“Decent girls do not make false rape accusations. Sick, evil, damaged, unloved dregs of society – i.e the sort that gravitate towards the social justice warrior mentality – make false rape accusations. If you are going dumpster diving and scraping ugly feminists off the bottom of the barrel just to get laid, you have no one to blame but yourself when you eventually lose that game of Russian Roulette.”

2. Feminists Are Walking STD Factories

A promiscuous woman will likely have a few strains of fertility-impairing HPV, Chlaymdia, or Gonorhhea kicking around in her plumbing. Fortunately, most common STDs are no more than a nuisance to men, but still – no one likes a nuisance. The typical feminist has a cavalier attitude towards STDs, and some even wear their disease-addled snatch like a badge of honour. As Susan Walsh put it:

“They want for you to have an STD too. They want all the young women in NY, and eventually the whole country to have STDs, because then they won’t be slut shamed anymore. If sluts ruled the world, then they could shame virgins instead (they’re already trying). If every woman has genital herpes, whoo hoo! Sisterhood! If every woman has HPV and compromised fertility, YES! Everyone can sing the “no baby blues” together at 40! Women can keep each other company in oncology offices as they await treatment for their cervical cancer.”

If you want to avoid STDs, avoid sleeping with Feminists.

3. A Feminist Will Take Half Your Shit

“I Want half Eddie!”

4. A Feminist Will Bore You

I like smart, funny, happy girls who are equally interested in big ideas and low humour. Intelligent and well-adjusted women do not become feminists. The type of woman who becomes a feminist has a middling intellect, angry disposition, and some sort of general unresolved problem with the world, which she will take out on you, as a representative of The Patriarchy. Snark is the only humour she is capable of using, and her worthless education in the art of Hamsterbation is the only source of insight and opinion she has ever known.

5. A Feminist Will Get Fat

Yes, we all know that Feminists Are Ugly. But let’s say you do the impossible and find a Feminist who is actually thin and attractive. Before you invest emotionally or otherwise, be warned that she will balloon up to grotesque proportions and not feel an ounce of guilt, courtesy of the body acceptance movement.

6. A Feminist Will Kill Your Child

This is of course a plus if you’re just using a Feminist woman as a fire-and-forget receptacle for some spare semen you’ve got weighing your balls down – as you should be. But for any man considering actually dating a modern liberated woman, keep this scenario in mind.

You’re a young man, fucking around and having a good time. Yeah, you’ve been banging this one girl more often than the rest, but no big deal. Then one day she asks you to sit down. She tells you she’s pregnant. She tells you she’s thinking of keeping it. You freak out. You’re too young for this. You don’t want to be a father.

A month goes by. Then another one. You realize you’re not that young. You think about the value of what your father did for you, and how much he treasures that relationship. More time goes by. She’s seven months along now. You’ve seen the ultrasounds, heard the heart beat. It’s a boy. Another month. You think back to the carefree playboy you were eight months ago, and laugh. You have a son now. You are a father.

A Feminist in this situation will have zero moral problem with the act of killing that child on a whim. Decent and reasonable people can disagree on the morality of the morning after pill, and early term abortions in various circumstances, but Feminists are neither. The official Hamster line on abortion is set in stone. Any abortion, any time, under any circumstance, is A-OK. To suggest otherwise is to betray the cause of women’s rights. To suggest that the mere father of any unborn child might be owed some notice, or god forbid some input to the decision is heresy. This is the moral framework in which a Feminist operates.

As such, she will feel zero obligation to discuss the decision with you. She has surrounded herself with an ideological and social cocoon of soothsayers who would view a secret late-term abortion as not just morally permissible, but as praiseworthy, a sort of Feminist merit badge.

You may not want to be a father now, but who knows how you’ll feel after seeing and feeling your child? You certainly don’t, which is why you should take every precaution necessary to avoid putting that child in the belly of a woman who could kill it without blinking away a tear.

7. You Don’t Need To Date A Feminist To Fuck Her

Though Feminist women make for poor company, bad friends, terrible girlfriends, and the worst of all possible choices as the mother of your children – they are good for one thing: Mediocre and uncommitted sex when all other options have been exhausted. Personally, I try to avoid banging Feminist women in addition to avoiding dating them. But I see no reason why a man armed with a fake name, a kryptonite condom, and the ability to wear the mask of a lickspittle mangina for the sake of an evening of pleasure, shouldn’t indulge.

In a way, pumping and dumping Feminists is a token of our great respect for them. We are so confident in their ‘independent woman’ bona-fides, we will reserve our physical protection, emotional vulnerability, creative dates, introductions into our social circles, and other Patriarchal reminders that we are powerful men, for the weak Traditional women that we properly date. Feminists, on the other hand, are so strong! They don’t need anything more than twenty minutes of drunken four-AM fucking that we will enjoy only slightly more than jerking off.

8. Dating A Feminist Just Encourages The Rest

Dear Reader, can you imagine a world in which the Feminist movement is as shriveled, worthless, unused and obscure as Carrie Bradshaw’s uterus? It’s easy if you try.

Every society has its dregs. Broken, unloved, women will be with us always, and they will crave equality with desirable women. The leaders of the Feminist movement will always exist.

But we can coax the decent women they’ve led astray back into reality and our good graces, and push the leg-bearded rejects back into the holes from whence they came. All we have to do is take the remarkably easy and life-enhancing step of keeping our dicks away from them.


  1. Brent says

    Feminists today are so…ugh. Never ever date an activist. It’s so tiresome. Sorry ladies, we do not find your unresolved anger at the world attractive or interesting. Laid back and cheerful is what we like.

    • Maya says

      I am a feminist, and people often tell me I am one of the most laid-back people they have met. Pretty cheerful too.

      A lot of these type of articles focus only on the most radical and crazy feminists – that’s like thinking every Muslim is a murderous fundamentalist. I shave my legs(and other body parts), wear feminine clothes, I am conventionally attractive and take care of my appearance, I love and appreciate men and I have good relationships with them. But I also have an interest in gender issues and I hate any type of unfairness (that includes unfairness towards men by virtue of their gender, because I know it does happen). So yeah, I’m a feminist. And it hasn’t hindered me from having good relationships with awesome, alpha guys.

      Even my current boyfriend had this pre-conceived notion about feminism and expressed slight disapproval when I told him I identify as a feminist (although I did explain my view on feminism and he understood). Sigh.

      • tsotha says

        I am a feminist, and people often tell me I am one of the most laid-back people they have met. Pretty cheerful too.

        They only tell you that because they don’t want to see crazy Maya.

  2. nick says

    All I have to say on that is I’ve almost been raped by ugly fat women that are pigs and feminists so I believe it goes both ways and yes I’ve been in that scenario about 15 times that’s why I don’t drink but four drinks Max if I go out or at a friends get together. Irony huh? I’m not screaming that I’m a rape victim but honey you would be be screaming please rape me if you saw me.

  3. Guest says

    Interesting. I came here because i am very sad that a man who I was very attracted to and wanted to make love with seems to have dropped of the face of the earth after some irrational texts. I come off as a dirty yucky woman after a series of very bad relationships and having been treated badly and misunderstood. I’m not sure why- I have made some assumptions based on limited knowledge. it does not do any good to point fingers based on ignorant unfair judgements. Some people are irrational. Compassion is the key to freedom and happiness. And it goes both ways. No one wins in the blame game. What if you have had the misfortune of getting trapped in an emotionally abusive relationship for a decade, this seems to be written for a handful of bad apples. There area bad apples in every bunch. Sometimes I have been filled with hatred towards the men who have hurt me. The young man who I wasn’t good enough for, it profoundly affected my self esteem. I fell in love when i was a virgin. At the age of 15. And he was 22. He ruined me. He hurt me beyond anything i could comprehend. My second boyfriend got me pregnant and then cheated on me 4 times and lied about it while we planned for an adoption. Twin boys. I have had to live with it my entire life. I had life experience and it wasn’t all pleasant. Because my words weren’t chosen very carefully. I really hope the next generation has the power to see through people but that may be a feminist train of thought. Your on the opposite end of the sepctrum. For every feminist hater there is an equal man hater who has been cheated on- fucked over- and the only lesson left is forgiveness. Merry Christmas

    • Aurini says

      Don’t try and say that Thumotic’s on the other end of the spectrum. On the contrary, he’s searching for the straight and narrow path that got lost in the wilderness, and he’s far closer to finding it than you are.

      Men like him and myself, as much as we warn men against the monstrous women, are doing what we can to keep the young girls away from the badboys like your first two boyfriends, men whom your grandmother should have warned you away from.

      Drop the false-piety; if you want your next relationship to be a step forward, and not a repeat of the past, start reading the posts of men like him and myself. You reject our wisdom at your own peril.

    • says

      “based on limited knowledge”
      That’s why you are in misery. If you were reading when you were 10 to 12 years old and applied some knowledge to your life, your wouldn’t end up like this.
      The only way for a woman to save her pussy is to have the highest standard possible. That is to not even kiss or touch before marriage. As soon as a guy kisses you, he is halfway in your pants.

      • LittleMissSunshine says

        Dude, “based on limited knowledge” writing this shows her modesty and good nature, while your comment what a high class moron you are!

        and maybe if you had been reading some relevant things since you were 10-12 you wouldn’t be uttering bullshit that the only way for a woman to save her pussy is to have “highest standard”, for a matter of fact mister, a woman being raped is not a reflection of her standard but the rotten standard of the man who did it! and did you just say not even kiss or touch before marriage? seriously!? and who the fuck are you to decide that?! kissing a guy does not mean a girls is giving him access to her pants, kissing a guy means the girl wants to kiss him that does not mean the girl wants to have sex with him and it is the sick mentality of guys like you that should be clear about that! I pity the women in your life who will have to live through a sick mentality like yours.

      • Peter Savin says

        You are delusional like any woman. That’s not your fault. You were born with this type of brain you have.

        a woman being raped is not a reflection of her standard
        Rape is an exception — no rule is based on exceptions. Any woman who loses her virginity to a pua is a LOSER with ruined life.

        if you had been reading some relevant things since you were 10-12

        That’s all I did, actually.

        and did you just say not even kiss or touch before marriage?

        Yes, I did.

        Couldn’t be any more serious than this.

        and who the fuck are you to decide that?!
        I am Alpha and Omega. The First and the Last. The Beginning and the End.

        kissing a guy does not mean a girls is giving him access to her pants
        That’s exactly what it means. And there is no better way to give a pussy ticket than kissing.

        it is the sick mentality of guys like you
        This is called reality, not my or anyone else’s mentality. It’s you mentality that’s flawed here — deluded.

        I pity the women in your life who will have to live through a sick mentality like yours.
        My woman will be the happiest of all.

  4. says

    We don’t have many fags or feminists in Russia. They are not numerous, but they sure can yell. So, I run little risks of encountering both types, luckily.

  5. LittleMissSunshine says

    Dear writer,
    you reasons might seem valid but are highly generalized which, for a person who has the ability to think so much, is pretty disappointing!
    Feminism as a concept is highly misconceived in our society and different feminist groups are highly responsible along with the way society interpret feminism.
    Feminism is not about women becoming crazy punk and going all sort of crazy shit in the society! feminism is simply about having an equal platform for both men and women and yes, true feminism is not gender based, it is as much about male right as about female rights. Feminism is about every aspect of male and female in all their glory without having any pre-conceived notions that has been passed on by generations.
    What you written above is nothing but a reflection of a weak understanding of feminism and no, feminists are not ugly! truly, no woman ever is! feminist or not, any women can have the attributes you have mentioned above and many feminist might not have even one of the factors that you have written. So stop generalizing! In fact, feminist (with a mind at the right place) can be the best of all to date, because they know individuality and will never be those clingy sort of girls! and no they are not easy fucks simply because they do not believe in restrains, they are simply more confident about how-when and with whom they want to have sex! and no, they will not kill their children, no mother would ever want that! but she will think about family planning for your and her better future.
    I am not sure how you are going to interpret my comment, might even perceive to be one of the women you have written above and I can care less, the only reason I bothered to write all this is to simply tell you that feminism is just an ideology and not a way of behavior among women.
    Hope my little message make you let go of these disturbing views of yours. take care!

  6. jhgl hgyi says

    Nice “masculine” movement! Maybe if we never date a feminist again they will die out in time… one can only hope!


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