Home is the best thing ever we can have in our entire life. There is a famous proverb, “East or West, home is the best”. According to the proverb, people can go anywhere for their work, studies or some other occasions too but none of the places will comfort as home. Wherever we go, people like to stay in the home at night time. It gives them a secure feel and immense relief to them. Some people will have peaceful sleep in their place alone, if they went to other places regarding any works, they won’t feel comfortable on that place and they will look fuzzy throughout the day. For many of us, buying an own house will be a big dream and we will run behind it until we achieve the place. Some people built their homes with different ideas, so it will trigger other people to see the model of the home at least once. The architect will give some designs for our house or else we can say our idea, based on that they will build for us. To have a comfortable zone and relaxation in our life, we need our home.

What are the rooms found in it?

There are many kinds of rooms were found in the home, we can design according to our need and space available for the building. We should build the home and allot the rooms based on the place size because it alone gives the complete look to the home. The rooms are hall, kitchen, pooja room, bedroom, bathroom, study hall, visitor’s room, dining room, storeroom, underground are few available in homes. Nowadays, a separate hall is built to celebrate the functions on the hall, so they need not move any places for functions. They can do it in their home. As technology developed, models and interior decorations of the home vary a lot from our imagination.

Why kitchen is considered an important room?

People can stay without any rooms in the home and they can alter other rooms for their need but the kitchen is the only room where we can’t do anything without it. Why it is important? Can we survey without food? Can we purchase food daily from the hotels? Of course, we can’t lead our life in a healthy way we need kitchen to prepare foods. Imagine how it is possible to purchase the food for 365 days. No, we can’t even think out of it. Our family bonding will develop from the kitchen by sharing our work. We will come to know how others are struggling to get food. The basic manners like helping and sharing are developed from the kitchen.

How to maintain the kitchen clean?

Cleaning maintaining the kitchen is the important thing, because disease-causing germs also developed from here. We should clean the place at once after the completion of our work. The vessels need to be washed immediately after use. Need to mop the place daily once. The things should be kept in their right place after work. The wastages should be cleaned daily.