Workspace accessories from Deskka can help increase your productivity and make working a more enjoyable experience. They can also help you organize and provide comfort.


A good desk lamp can lighten up your workspace, and reduce eye strain. It can also help prevent back pain and neck strain by helping to maintain the correct posture.

Ultra-Wide LED Desk Light

This LED lamp can illuminate your entire workspace. It uses a double LED bulb head to spread light across your desk without creating screen glare.

It also comes with touch-sensitive buttons to change the brightness and color temperature. It even features an automatic light detection feature to adjust the lighting in your workspace.

The EppieBasic LED table lamp is a great option for those who want a more adjustable and versatile lighting fixture. The gooseneck can be adjusted at multiple angles making it easy for you to find the right position.

It also offers four color temperatures and brightness levels. You can adjust the hue to suit you mood, whether it’s a warm or cool color. It’s also very energy-efficient so you can save on your electricity costs.


A simple-yet-effective way to reproduce sound, speakers have been a staple in homes and offices since the beginning of radio. The modern models offer a wide range of audio options to suit your needs, including wireless devices and headphones and aux inputs.

Speakers are comprised of two main components: the motor and the cone/diaphragm. The motor creates sound waves by using an electrical energy signal.

In order to minimize vibration, the cone, coil and suspension in a loudspeaker need to be built out of rigid materials.

Charging Station

The Charging Station, a multi-talented powerhouse, can not only hold most smartphones but also serves as a phone holder and stand. The Charging Station also has a USB port that can charge up to three devices simultaneously. The most exciting part is that it is incredibly easy to install and maintain.

Besides being impressive and functional, it is also visually pleasing, thanks to its sleek black finish. The charging station is a great addition for any office or workspace. This is a particularly good idea if you’re a busy business owner and you’re a fan of green tech.

Monitor Arm

Monitor Arm is an ergonomic accessory that allows for you to position your monitor at the perfect height. This is important for maintaining ergonomic desk posture and to prevent neck pain and back strain from hunching over your monitor.

The arm attaches to the desk edge with either a clamp and grommet. It is available in black or silver finishes and can be attached to desks up 8.4 cm thick.

Choosing the right monitor arm depends on a variety of factors, including your monitor’s weight, the thickness of your desk and how often you need to adjust its height.

It’s also a good idea for monitor arms to allow you to tilt and swivel your monitor to the desired viewing angle. This is helpful for adjusting your workspace to suit you, or for showing your work to a colleague.