The Oath

Once upon a time, a man’s word was his bond. Why do you think courts ask witnesses to swear oaths before giving testimony? As strange as it may seem to us now, breaking your word was once considered serious business.

My personal policy on lying is this: I do it all the time. Mostly to women, but I will lie to my boss, the police, bouncers, or other people outside my immediate circle, if it will benefit me. In a world of lying cravens, the habitually honest man puts himself at an unnecessary disadvantage.

But here at Thumotic, we are carving out a little slice of the world that is safe for traditional masculinity, and that means taking our oaths seriously. So before you sign on the dotted line below this oath, I want you to be aware that you’re doing something real. You are making a commitment. You are swearing an Oath, to me, to yourself, and to whatever Gods you choose.

If it appeals to you, copy this oath out in your own hand and sign where appropriate. Put it up on your fridge, in your office, or in your bedroom. Do it to add to you strength. Do it to bind yourself to good habits. Do it to force a commitment on yourself. But whatever your reasons, do not do it lightly…

* * *

The Thumotic Oath

I, _______, hereby swear the following:

I will train my body. I will grow stronger, faster, and more agile. I will build my physique, and show the world how much respect I have for myself.

I will fuel my body. The majority of my diet will consist of vegetables, fruits, and clean meats.

I will control my vices. Alcohol, tobacco, and drugs will be my servants; they will not make a servant out of me.

I will treat what friends and family I admit to my inner circle with honesty, generosity and respect.

I will unapologetically pursue the women and relationships that I desire.

I will not waste money and resources on stupid shit.

I will not waste time and attention on stupid shit.

I will remain calm, unemotional and nonreactive to the world around me.

I will dedicate my life to the constant improvement of my body, mind and spirit.

I will set an example, and so lead the men around me out of the darkness.

I will help build a world in which traditional masculine virtue is celebrated, not disparaged.

I, _______, swear all of this on my honor as a man on ____________.