Astrology is the ancient practice of divining meaning from the celestial bodies and has been around for thousands of years. The moon repeats its cycle every twelve years. Astrology gives 12 signs to wear jewelry to express your personality. Whether you’re a Libra or a Cancer, you can learn how you express your unique sign when pluto in the 12th house.

pluto in the 12th house


You don’t have to be an expert in astrology if you’re just starting out. This course can help you master this ancient science and use it for your personal development. Although the subject is complex and contains many advanced concepts it is still easy to understand. We’ll start with the 12 signs of astrology, the sun and moon, and the twelve houses of the horoscope. Each sign represents a different aspect of your personality.


The zodiacal signs are associated with different parts of the human body. Each sign represents one of the four elements. The followers of Pythagoras (a Greek mystical philosopher and Greek sage from the 6th Century BC) have connected the elements arbitrarily. These signs represent human character attributes and traits of temperament, such as sensitivity and empathy. They can be both predictable and reliable.


Houses are the basic building blocks of your natal chart. Astrology divides them into groups based upon the element of signs they govern. Practical reasons are why house groups are sometimes called the “Psychic Trinity” and the “Trinity of Wealth”. The element is also used to indicate the signs that occupy each house.

Priscillianists’ interpretation of astrology

The Platonic astrologers had a completely different view of astrology. They believed that God’s will was manifested by the stars. They also believed in esoteric salvatory knowledge. Aristotelians believed more in divine intervention than Platonic astrologers. Nonetheless, they attributed the stars’ role in the development of human destiny to their esoteric views.

Modern astrology

Although traditional astrology is still in use for centuries, modern astrologers claim they have discovered more complicated relationships between human affairs (and the cosmos) than traditional astrology. Astrologers often exclude certain celestial patterns from their charts, such as the moons of Jupiter or individual contributions from the 1022 stars. However, modern astrologers still believe that Uranus and Neptune are directly linked to fossil fuels and the internet.