Viva La Manosphere Is A Fraud

You’re probably familiar with Viva La Manosphere, a site run by a guy who calls himself Jack. The site collects links from around the Manosphere and displays them on his front page.

As of today, I want nothing more to do with Jack or his site. Why? Well, here are two websites about vegetable juicing for you to compare.

The first is Fit Juice.

Fit Juice is run by Mike, the author of Danger and Play. Mike has been writing about juicing since early 2012. He did the research, bought the juicers, and wrote about his experiences with the goal of helping other men get the same benefits he has experienced. It is not an exaggeration to say that without Mike, juicing would not be a ‘Manosphere thing’ at all. I’ve been reading MikeCF’s blog and forum posts for over three years now, and I would honestly be willing to write him a cheque for $10,000 for the value he’s offered for free, in terms of health, training, and life advice.

The second site is one that I recently found on the front page of Viva La Manosphere. You can check it out here. It is almost identical, page for page, right down to the web design. It’s not just another juicing blog. It’s the same content, page for page, with only slight modifications to prevent Google from flagging it as dupe content.

Jack has also taken the step of removing Danger and Play from the sites that he features on his link aggregating site, probably based on the very rational fear that casual readers will make a Fit Juice/ Juicing Hacks comparison, and recognize Jack for the fraud that he is. I would lay money he hasn’t juiced a single piece of produce in his life.

This post will probably put an end to the traffic I get from Viva La Manosphere, and that’s fine with me. Values are more important than a short-term boost in traffic and income. Also – and this is not a platitude, this is something I genuinely believe to be true and have observed often in my own life – ethical and value-giving businesses win out in the end.

Jack is not interested in giving value, and so I predict that he is on his way out.

I’m sure Jack will have his defenders in the blogosphere. Operating a popular website that sends bloggers a lot of traffic is a good way to maintain the loyalty of the venal and weak. But real masculinity demands a sense of community, loyalty, and honour. Being part of a gang, and giving due respect to your tribe is all part of The Way Of Men .

(Note that Jack Donovan is definitely not the same Jack who runs Viva La Manosphere.)


Other bloggers can react to this information however they want. But personally, I’m not going to keep linking to some carpet-bagging cunt of an internet marketer, stealing Mike’s content and passing it off as his own, all for the sake of a few hundred page views. If you want real information about juicing, check out the the original men’s juicing blog,

And if you want to read all your favourite Red Pill/Manosphere blogs in one place, get a free RSS reader (I use feedly) and subscribe to the writers whose content you don’t want to miss. Alternatively, check out the link aggregators at Delusion Damage and Hawaiian Libertarian, and follow Free Northerner for his weekly link round up.

If you’ve gotten any value from Danger and Play and the Red Pill community at large, do the right thing and remove Viva La Manosphere from your life.


  1. BTB! says

    I’m having an overdose of “I told you so”.

    Between this and having everybody recognize what a complete fucking fraud, stalker and loser Danny From 504 is, people are starting to wake up to the fakes. Viva La Fagosphere hasn’t contributed one ounce of original material and just leeches off other people’s work.

    Don’t support this piece of shit.

      • Frost_25 says

        He’s just a weird, unstable dude. I haven’t had any contact with him but I’ve heard a few stories. I think he threatened to fight me in a comment thread somewhere, sometime.

        There’s a lot of great information in the red pill community, but you have to be very careful with who you look up to.

        For every legit guy offering value, there are a dozen weirdos who get off on “playing authority figure.”

      • Gouverneur says

        Meh. I need more than hearsay and ‘I think.’
        And it’s funny that BTB himself has not responded.

      • Frost_25 says

        I don’t care what you do, or who you believe.

        Danny has outed guys, or at least threatened to. That’s enough for me.

      • says

        I was in NO when the latest danny debacle went down so no hearsay, straight from the horse’s mouth. Danny betrayed us. He didn’t deliver on any of his promises. He left his “friends” stranded on bourbon street and when they called for help he said “it’s not my responsibility”. He pops pills and “forgets” entire conversations he has. The first night we were in NO he left at 1030 claiming to be tired and then called my girl for 30 minutes trying to drive a wedge in our relationship and shit talking me to her.

        He’s a crazy person. straight up mental issues and drug/alcohol addiction. Stay far away from him.

        We should have listened to the warnings but we learned the hard way.

      • Gouverneur says

        Damn, that’s bullshit. Never would have guessed that from his articles. Oh well. Guess you just never know.

      • thompson says

        Does anyone follow Sunshine Mary? I’ve seen a few things that raise a red flag. She claims to not be part of the manosphere but Viva links to her often. Danny always refers to her as sister in his posts, so they seem close. I agree he is a loser, so why would a married woman associate with him. Sure makes you wonder what is really going on.

      • jeff says

        Nah, Danny tries to buddy up to everyone in the sphere. There’s no reason to assume Sunshine Mary was close with him, besides him probably constantly reaching out to try to talk to her.

  2. Johnycomelately says

    Thanks for the heads up, I just wish Delusiondamage would put in a small description of the links, would make it the best link feeder going.

  3. says

    Jack stopped linking to us a few months ago. He said that Bojangles had ripped off his book review of Christian’s night club bible. Neither of us 1, visit his site or 2, even knew he’d written one.

    He said that he put it through copyscape and it proved to be identical. I mean, imagine that, two reviews of the same book talking about the same things.

    Since he stopped linking us, we’ve learned to increase our traffic without being linked by aggregators. I’m sure you can do the same.

  4. Remy says

    I asked if he’d review my book when I finished editing it and his exact words to me were, “Only if there is an affiliate link so I can make money.”

    Thought that was pretty shitty of him. Thanks for the heads up on this.

  5. Ben says

    You probably should point out that the guy who runs that site isn’t Jack Donovan but it’s another Jack.. that’s just the impression I got from reading it even though I knew that was the case.

  6. Jose L Romero says

    Holy crap! That some serious foul play! I cannot understand why a person like that who had one the trust of the manosphere just do some petty crap!