In this modern world, people want to show them in a stylish look, for that fashion technology is very helpful for them. The fashion life cycle consists of five stages which are an introduction by fashion, growth by consumers, peak stage, and decline in fashion and out of fashion. Some people may get doubt what is fashion? Fashion is nothing but it is like a mirror. It is showing what we are, how we are wearing dresses, how our costumes are? How stylish we are? Fashion is an essential part of our life. In this world, if we want to be unique and different from others then fashion technology will make us unique. Fashion is a current trend. Everyone wants to be modern in this globe, so they need fashion. In traditional, the term fashion is not as much as popular but now the term fashion is very popular all around the world. We also had a fashion designer course. People who are interested in this area can get certified in this course. The fashion designer has a bright and colorful future. This field has a very high demand in society; especially fashion designers have an urgent demand in the cine field.

Which kind of lifestyle are people needed?

People always need an active lifestyle. Here is the list of lifestyles we have, let us see one by one.

1. Providers: Providers always need a peaceful and relaxing lifestyle. They love meditations and yoga or even a more relaxed sport like skating using They always want to keep their surroundings happy and they will maintain positive vibrations around them. Providers are satisfied with their earnings and they love to live with their kids and partners.

2. Adventures: Adventures are also known as daydreaming persons. They love dreaming and they wants to make their dream in real .They get satisfied with their memories, the tourist place where they travelled, etc. The person who loves the adventure lifestyle can generally walk around the garden and also love flowers.

3. Corporate: The like-minded people are always wanting to live a corporate kind of lifestyle. Here the people can share their common ideas. People generally living in a corporate lifestyle have lot of friends. They often plan for vocation along with their friends.

4. Creative: Generally creative minded people can pursue this kind of life style. Creative in the sense whatever they dream they want it to be in real. An artist can be satisfied whatever he imagined in the mind that he needs to draw it in a paper. Creative people always need a solo life style. If people surround them they feel discomfort.

5. Socialite: The people who donates their life for doing social activities. They love doing social works by planting trees, helping the neediest, cleaning the society, etc.

6. Academic: Academic persons feel comfort only by reading some books and writing some articles. Their life style is different from others. They love reading and writings. Beside they love solving puzzles and numerical.