Fake teeth are modern prosthetic appliances made to replace lost teeth, typically in an individual’s lower jaw. Most dental implants are secured to the jawbone through surgery. But there are several distinguishable fake tooth designs, some that rely on adhering or attaching to traditional dental implants or teeth. An implant-supported false tooth must meet the same requirements as a normal tooth in terms of healing time, ease and durability.

fake teethThe most convincing fake teeth look just like natural teeth. In order for patients to get dental implants, the prosthetics need to meet specific criteria in order to become functional. Patients will want to have their prosthetics are secure, comfortable and function properly. The materials used to make fake teeth can mimic the look and feel of natural teeth, but they cannot be considered “identical” to them.

The strength of the jawbone is an important factor dentists must check before allowing patients to have fake teeth or dental implants. The prosthesis must be supported by the jawbone. If it is weak, the implant will not stay in place and cause pain. There are many tests that can be used to determine the strength and stability of the jawbone. An impression of the jawbone is taken from the patient’s head, and then it is compared to a cast of a real tooth. If the results are close, the prosthesis will be strong enough to hold on to during eating, chewing and speaking.

Patients with missing teeth can also benefit from dental implants and fake teeth. Patients who have had serious dental problems can go back to work with false teeth, but many are not able to do so without some type of appliance. With the right materials and a great dentist, patients can achieve a beautiful smile once again.

Many people may think that there are only two options available for cosmetic procedures. Oral surgeons have many options today. Not only can they perform dentures and fake teeth, but they also can replace real teeth or repair a chipped or broken tooth. They can also reshape patients’ faces to give them a more youthful appearance.

Your dentist will decide whether to use an implant-supported tooth or a permanent fake tooth, depending on the needs of your case. Artificial teeth are a good option if your jaw is too loose or you need dentures that stay in place. Visit a reputable office that offers both of these services if you are interested. By consulting with a professional, you can find the perfect solution for your dental needs.