Why You Should Resist Online Dating

Online Dating is an incredibly powerful tool. I have a dozen friends who are absolutely killing it on Plenty of Fish, OK Cupid, E-Harmony, and other sites.

But for the first three months of my mission to become the absolute deadliest hunter of that most dangerous of quarries, woman, I am absolutely refusing to touch a dating site.

The best thing about online dating is that it allows you to bypass the most difficult and psychologically stressful part of any seduction: The Approach. Taking hold of your balls and approaching a hot girl is difficult, even after you’ve done it a thousand times. With online dating, you can effectively approach hundreds of girls in a few hours, all of whom are open, all of whom are single, all of whom are separated from shame-inducing eavesdroppers and cock-blocking friends, and all of whom will welcome your advance, or at least be ambivalent to it.

But there is one major meta drawback to online dating: Doing all of your approaching online makes you soft.

Online game allows you to avoid approach anxiety. Real game (meat game) forces you to confront it.

Online game allows you to avoid the risk of public rejection. Meat game forces you to decide that public rejection doesn’t matter, and realize that any tool hating on you for getting blown out wishes he had your balls.

Online game allows you to avoid inconveniencing girls who don’t want to get hit on. Meat game forces you to stop giving two fucks about thirty seconds out of some girl’s life.

Like I said, online game is a useful tool. But it’s also dangerous, if you come to rely on it. That’s why I spent the past two months lining up dates and bangs through day approaches and one night stands.

Sometimes I was successful. When I wasn’t, I went hungry. If I had given myself the easy out of retreating to my laptop to send messages to girls, how many fewer approaches would I have made? How many fewer nights would I have gone out?

I have no doubt that many guys who do all of their approaching online do quite well for themselves. But a man who cannot approach women in his day to day life and at the bar is not a complete man. If you’re using a dating profile to supplement your pipeline, in addition to your night and day meat game, more power to you. If you’re using it as a crutch, take some time off from computer screen and go cut your teeth in the real world.