The Thumotic Manifesto

The modern man lives a life that his ancestors would consider sad, pathetic, and deeply unnatural. The excuses he offers would make them laugh. His fatalistic, self-pitiful posturing would make them cringe.

Thumotic is a place for men who reject this path. our society’s flight from traditional manly virtue. It is a home for men who are unashamed of their masculinity, their pride in themselves, and their lust for power in all facets of their lives.

Thumos is a Greek word which translates to spirit, fight, or gameness. Thumos is the humour which inspires a creature to bare its teeth and fight, rather than cower meekly in a corner. Thumos is energy, lust, desire, bloodthirst, pride, righteous anger, the will to power. It is Life. It is what we have lost, and must now find.


  1. bornshanks says

    Great work, keep it coming.

    Any chance you can set this up so posts are delivered direct to inboxes (as per Heartiste and Krauser)? SO MUCH easier to follow on a smartphone than RSS feeds. Either way, keep up the good work dude.