The Specialization Of Reaction

by Frost on May 27, 2013

The Reactionary Blogosphere has exploded in an orgy of navel-gazing self-indulgence over the past week. I just can’t resist jumping in.

Some of my regular readers, i.e those with small lives animated by narrow goals, will be uninterested in this post. Please check back tomorrow during regular business hours for the latest in grocery store openers, yoga studio game, and the 100% guaranteed third-date bang recipe. Self-mockery? Posts already written and waiting patiently in my drafts folder? Sometimes I don’t even know for sure. In any case, today’s post will appeal only to the faggy book-learnin’ sorts among you. If that’s your thing, forward ho.

It’s an exciting time to be a Reactionary. New faces, or at least avatars, are popping up everywhere. We even appear to have settled on a name that I fully approve of: The Dark Enlightnment.

Foseti, Nick B Steves, Spandrell, Xenosystems, Koanic Soul, Jim, Habitable Worlds, Vox Day, Radish Mag and Free Northerner are just the opening salvo in the Cambrian explosion of crimethink that appears to be taking place. If you’re new to this corner of the ideaspace, put on a pot of tea and come back in a few months – Free Northerner has kindly put together a reading list which should get you up to speed with all the latest in Reactionary thought.  We’ll be here for a while, at least until Google passes our home addresses along to DHS.

I won’t bother with a link round-up of the week’s theorizing, as it’s easier to point you towards Radish Mag’s D&D themed issue 2.8. Or is it Magic The Gathering? Pardon my ignorance, I had +2 charm in high school.

For the visual learners, Scharlach at Habitable Worlds has done us the kindness of putting together a topographic model of the Dark Enlightenment:


Like I said, fun stuff.

So what’s driving this new desire to describe, delineate and taxonomize the Dark Enlightenment?

In a word, growth. There was a time when a man could comfortably follow every single Dark Enlightenment blog and comment thread in no more than ten or twenty hours a week. The Dark Enlightenment was a small enough tribe that every single blogger and regular commenter knew one another, and everyone was basically able to stay up to date on everything that everyone else had written.

This is no longer possible. There are too many DE writers worth reading for any one individual to absorb and synthesize them all. We have reached our limit as a hunter-gatherer tribe of truth-seekers. It’s time to become scalable.

Moldbug has written a few essays on our eventual evolution from a rag-tag online community, into a serious and credible threat to the status quo. Please take a minute to read them if you haven’t already: Restarus: A Social Revision Engine, Revipedia, and Uberfact. The Future Of Search, and Open Letter 9d are also relevant. Taken together, these essays are as plausible a description of our path to victory as I’ve ever seen. As an intellectual movement, we have grown from nothing into something. However we are still a long, long way off from a fully armed and operational counter-Cathedral.

Maybe it doesn’t matter what we do now. Maybe the combination of the internet and truth is an irresistible force. But the left still has cards to play, and even if the fall of the Cathedral is  a foregone conclusion, I’m quite happy to contribute to the cause of expediting the process. Honestly, the 20th century has bled on long enough. It’s time to break out the field knife and put it out of its misery.

I suggest that, looking forward, we focus on two principles: Humility and Specialization.

Humility is necessary because the Dark Enlightenment will continue to attract better and better people. I consider myself a smart enough fella, but I’m not at all ashamed to admit that I’m not operating on the same level as the sharper writers listed above. The nature of the Dark Enlightenment is that it attracts extremely bright and curious people. As it gains traction and our ideas are exposed to a wider base, the standard for inclusion into the upper echelon of thought leaders will increase as well. Some minds just burn brighter than others, and there will hopefully come a day when most of us are considered intellectual lightweights unworthy of serious consideration in high-level discussions.

As Reactionaries, the humility to accept this should come naturally. We must be accepting of nature and the limitations it imposes on us. We must be willing to kneel, and defer leadership of those most fit to lead. If you are not comfortable with the strong likelihood that you will play no more than a transient and minor role in this great project, you have picked the wrong movement.

But while it’s lonely at the top, there is still much work to be done. Which brings us to my next point:

Further progress will require Specialization.

The Dark Enlightenment requires experts on all conceivable topics: Keynesian Economics; The History of Rome; Frankfurt Anthropology; The Second Iraq War; Fourth-Wave Feminism; 11th-century Norwegian Poetry. We also need broad-thinking Historians, Economists, and Scientists to tie the conclusions of the specialists into coherent narratives.

We need artists and speakers and marketers to brand and proselytize our cause. We need programmers and engineers to design our weapons. We need scribes, connectors, and social hubs to manage and catalog the Dark Enlightenment. We need specialized counter-Cathedral academics, journalists, and entertainers. We are building a complete replacement for the myriad of institutions which report to the Cathedral – The USG proper, her Anglosphere and EU satellites, the Universities, Colleges, Schools, Literati, Entertainment Industry, Churches, Foundations, and even temporary counters to Dalit street gangs. The Cathedral, interpreted broadly, employs tens of millions. A successful opposition will need manpower on a comparable scale.


So what sort of exciting opportunities are available in this growing organization? Here’s my rough first pass at classifying the sort of men we need:

1) Dreamers

At the top of our org chart, though most likely behind the scenes and destined for obscurity, we have the brilliantly analytical minds that can engineer a solution to our modern predicament. They are the builders, the quiet geniuses behind most of the great innovations that the human race has developed. Moldbug was the first, the man who taught us – or taught me, at least – that things haven’t always been as they are, nor will they always have to be.

2) Artists

Planning the Reaction will be easy compared to the next great task of making that plan cool. The Dark Enlightenment needs more than just logic. It needs narratives, heroes, and myths. Can you do a better job of writing The Great Manosphere Novel than I did with A Generation Of Men?  I certainly hope someone can. Get out there and do it. Other fine ideas include blogs, podcasts, independent film, stand-up, music, and whatever other media we can produce by and for the Reactionary counter-culture.

3) Smiths

Brilliant young programmers, how do you want to use the gifts you’ve been given? Designing new ways for housewives and retirees to wile away their sad days? Or honing the weapons of the righteous in the war between good and evil?

The Reaction needs digital currencies to bring down the central bank. We need cryptographic weapons systems to protect sovereign property rights from internal threats. As our governments crack down on crimethink, we will need digital tools to ensure our privacy and anonymity. We need tech-savvy spies to discover and disseminate the secrets of the Cathedral.

4) Clergy

Christianity is either a beautiful and resilient set of useful reactionary myths about the nature of the world, or it is the literal word of God. Either way, any true Reactionary movement will march under the cross.

Among the many reasons why a Christian Reaction is preferable to a secular one, is that once the historical crimes of the Cathedral are properly accounted for, there will be no possible secular case to be made for any sort of mercy. A successful Reaction in which the victors feel unbound by Christian ideals of forbearance and charity will lead to mass killings on a scale that will make the mid-20th century look like a day at the beach.

There’s just one problem: Modern Churches range from the heavily compromised, to the actively and enthusiastically Satanic. Modern Christianity exists only in the Word, and in the hearts of Christian men. The Church itself has been stolen. 21st-century clergymen, do you intend to do something about this? Or are you just going to stand there and bleed?

As Nick B Steves put it, “The Cathedral stole Christianity…Well, let’s steal it the hell back!”

5) Politicians

Persuasion is an amoral tool, like a hammer. A hammer can be used to build a house, or cave in a child’s skull. There is no such thing as a crowd of philosophers, and insofar as some degree of mass support is required for a successful and clean Reaction, we need Machiavellian manipulators to command and seduce the unwashed masses into obedience.

6) Gang Leaders

Reading the news lately? Skirmishes are breaking out. When the lights go out, when the police are in hiding, when the Euros are worthless, and the supermarkets empty, the West will need strong men to organize and lead decent people on a micro scale.

7) Followers

If you have nothing else to give, give fealty. It is in every man to recognize righteousness, and choose to take orders from it.


We all have our gifts. Young men of the western world, do you think that the defeat of the Cathedral is a cause worth fighting for? Fighting is an option, you know.

We also have the options of cowardice, ignorance, or allegiance to evil – all paths that are potentially quite rich in earthly rewards. The God-fearing man does not have a difficult choice to make, but I ask the secular: Afterlife or not, might there be worse fates than running afoul of the PC police? Living a craven life and dying a coward’s death, for example.

  • Koanic

    Oho, another great post. Exercising movement leadership, hmm a melony activity, what a coincidence…

    Anywho, you had me at the shield and cross.

    • Frost

      The new anthro heuristic maps the reactionary unit classes fairly well:

      Dreamer/Smith – TT
      Politician – MM
      Gang leader – Cs with just enough M to get by
      Followers – CC
      Clergy/Artist – Some mix of T and M

      • Thrasymachus

        I’m a TT working on gang leader, which is maybe why I’m hearing crickets. Maybe I can just smith a gang structure and somebody else will lead it.

      • Frost

        While I think there’s a lot to the Tex/Koanic hominid taxonomy, the types are not categorical and I suspect Koanic overestimates his ability to type individuals based on face reading. Ultimately most non-C individuals will be contain some combination C/T/M nature and traits. I look at the taxonomy as a 100% useful heuristic to classify and describe different personality types, and I strongly suspect it’s accurate because it has at least some anthropological basis.

        My point in this post is simply, look inside to find your strengths. If you feel you’re harnessing yours splitting your time between writing DL and the EDL, power to ya.

      • Koanic

        100% !?! Hah. Nowhere near.

        But then, you are really on the outside looking in unless you’re on the forum.

        For example, what is MT? Low digit ratio deepsock biggish eye ok-testosterone like myself? Or widespace mediumsocket goodish testosterone low digit ratio like Vox Day? Or mediumsocket bigmelonback high-digitratio good testosterone like Wald?

        All those produce markedly different variants.

        The typing is getting better. Recently I’ve been cracking the lower face. I don’t even bother trying to keep up on the blog anymore.

        But when I walk down the street, I know which people (girls and guys) I want to meet.

      • Frost

        Haven’t checked out the forum in a while, I’ll have a look and see what I’ve been missing tonight.

        Re 100%, I just mean I’m 100% convinced that it’s a useful heuristic.

      • Wald

        Where does the MT fit?

  • Koanic

    “There was a time when a man could comfortably follow every single Dark Enlightenment blog and comment thread in no more than ten or twenty hours a week.
    This is no longer possible.”


    Rss or Delicious feed. All the dark that’s fit to glint.

  • YouSoWould

    I think what you posit is interesting, but to play devil’s advocate, I’ll voice a couple of thoughts that initially spring to mind as to why I believe anything like this will fail to gain traction.

    First, the prominent bloggers in this part of the ‘net are by their very nature staunch individualists, accustomed to forging their own path, and consequently poor at cooperative action and submitting to authority. A loose association of alpha males might be the most this amounts to.

    Secondly, the elite ruling class didn’t manage to hold on to power for all this time by being naive and easily thwarted. They’ve been a self propagating entity for hundreds of years, strictly controlling who is allowed into the club, and grooming all new members through a select few academic institutions.

    For revolutionary change to take place, conditions and opinion amongst the prole has to reach breaking point, which I can’t see happening any time soon due to the myriad methods of subjugation employed by our governments – junk food, junk TV, junk media.

    • Frost

      How many men truly want to be individualists? I suspect most of are lone wolves because we have no better option. Sure, we prefer individualism over membership in the suicidal progressive/western tribe, but give us a cause worth fighting for and many will find they prefer fighting.

      I agree that the masses will be apathetic until reality shakes their world, but dark days are coming sooner than you may think. When they do, it will be to the great advantage of western civilization that some intellectual foundation has been made for a new reactionary order.

      • Wald

        It’d be foolish not to take advantage of having a coherent response to the current world order when collapse comes and the masses need somewhere, something else to flock to.

  • Richard Cerno

    Navel gazing is navel gazing, weather you look at a blog post or a WoW campaign screen.

    We may be human, but we’re still animals. I come here from an ABA perspective, knowing damn well that just because Uncle Skinner taught me what’s going to happen when I hear that buzzer, I will salivate, just like the other mammals will, frontal context be damned.

    Might makes right. When you are willing to die yourself, and lead or pack with other men willing to do the same, give the rest of us a call. Perhaps some of us will call you. Perhaps like most of you, I am a fat twenty something smelling of cheese and living in my parents basement. Perhaps not. For all the discussions in the Manosphere concerning Marxism, it seems that few have learned the lessons of Stalinism – the writers and thinkers exist only to provide moral cover and justification for the naked, animal, brutal power grab that the real leaders will ultimately take. Meet the new boss, same as the old one.

  • Sils-Marius

    You lost me at the cross. Look, philosophically, to the degree there is a first cause to our plight, it it starts with Jesus Christ. Everything bad that´s happened since ultimately stems from him and his disciple Paul. He was the Primordial Dirt Man (the spiritual-leader of the unwashed-masses in Camp Of The Saint). To the degree Christianity later become something better, it was because of the Roman and Germanic aristocracy super-imposing the principles of paganism on the Christian religion. That, of course, could not last forever and with the coming of the printing press and scientific-thought the ideas contained in the bible could no longer be suppressed from the secular masses.

    Since the printing-press still exists, as well as the internet, we must either discard Jesus or reason (that includes the Enlightenment, dark or otherwise).

    Luckily most of the heavy-lifting has already been done for us. The hidden-cause of the great 20th century reaction – that great movements that despite all its mistakes and moral failings almost brought the force that have now morphed into the Cathedral to its end – stems directly from the writings of the hermit of Sils-Maria, Friedrich Nietzsche. The Italian futurists, the German conservative revolutionaries and all the other movements that laid the foundation for the Fascist revolution where indebted to Nietzsche. In fact, they were the new philosophers, the breakers and makers of values, whose coming he prophesied.

    Paganism was 99 % tradition and 1 % scripture, and when it died it died forever. It can not be resurrected. Christianity, on the other hand, is 50 % scripture and 50 % tradition, and it can be brought back. But it is part of the enemy camp, it is the source of the enemy ideology and, to be completely honest, it doesn’t have a lot of sex appeal. Fortunately we need neither of them. The creative nihilism of Nietzsche was defeated on the battle-field but (as opposed to, say, Marxism) it never failed philosophically. There is no reason to discard it. Why cross the river for water?

    • Interesting

      This is the truth. Christianity is really a vast protection racket, tearing down all the mini-reactionary institutions of a pagan ethnocentric society, leaving the church as the only guarantor of stability.
      And the Church itself, as the poster above states, is a containment strategy. It is the superimposition of aristocratic virtues on the Christian new testament ideology. Protestantism, Calvinism, Quakerism, those are the real inheritors of Jesus Christ’s message. The Roman Catholic Church is more Roman, less Church.
      There is some hope in a national church like the Anglican Church perhaps. But any religion which claims universalism as a core attribute will never serve reactionaries well. At best, it can be a stop gap arrangement, a temporary alliance while the greater evil of the Cathedral is defeated.
      Check out Robert Lindsay, a really rational leftist blogger who even believes in HBD. He admits that Christianity, from a progressive POV, is really the best of the major world religions. Needless to say, that should be the inverse of the reactionary POV.

      • Nick B. Steves

        Protestantism, Calvinism, Quakerism, those are the real inheritors of Jesus Christ’s message.

        Well that’s what they want you to believe. Indeed the Cathedral is nothing if NOT a hybrid of calvinist and pietist thought.

        He admits that Christianity, from a progressive POV, is really the best of the major world religions. Needless to say, that should be the inverse of the reactionary POV.

        I’m not seeing the (needlessly said) logic there. If leftists drink milk, we should drink poison? Yes, memetic variants of Christianity, arriving on a new continent with no natural competitors, evolved into the Cathedral. That doesn’t mean that intact (non-neutered) versions of Christianity don’t represent the best competition against it… there is no other competition.

      • Frost

        I don’t dispute the corruption of most if not all modern Churches, but the bible itself strikes me as solidly reactionary. Whether it’s divinely inspired or not, a world composed of and governed by Christians would be a vast improvement over the present.

        I’m interested to know which pagan reactionary institutions you think were torn down by Christianity. Also, do you consider Gibbon a trustworthy source for the fall of the Empire and the role Christianity played?

      • Nick B. Steves

        [Oh sorry... the comment DID go thru...]

        Well, I’m not an expert on the Fall of Rome (or on anything else for that matter, except maybe wireless phy layer standards), tho’ I’ve seen many complaints about Gibbon. I suspect he gets most of the basic facts right. A decline in virtue explains the fall of any society. That’s a perfectly safe bet. Blaming that decline on Christianity seems a bit of a stretch.

        I’m not actually up on my European paganism, so it would be difficult to name the various paganisms that dissapeared from Europe between say 300 and 1300 AD, but since they all (almost entirely) disappeared, I’d have to say Christianity outcompeted them. Of course, Catholic (and similarly Eastern Orthodox) Christianity operates near a broad optimum between the extremes of rigor and laxity that I outlined here. It therefore scales along various spectra well, e.g., between devout observance and more nominal; between mysticism and pragmatism; between individual/family and king/nation; between ritual and worldly life. “Here comes everybody” was how Joyce (IIRC) described the Catholic Church.

      • J

        Regarding the paganism that Christianity overcame, I recommend the following two part speech:



        part 2:

        I suspect that most people here have never heard a Christian speech like this.

        I have read several of Otto Scott’s books as well. They are amazing. If I had to recommend just two, it would be his books on James I, and Robespierre.

    • asdf

      Wasn’t the Ostfront enough to put Nietzsche to bed? Christ, at least Nietzsche knew his philosophy was likely to result in mass death and atrocity, you guys don’t even get that.

      Spandrell is right, Nietzsche leads to a rightist singularity. Just as dangerous.

      Western society has always been the balancing of Greek heroic ideals (Achilles) with Christian ideals (Jesus). Whenever it gets to far in one direction it becomes a singularity that destroys itself.

    • Koanic

      Last I checked, Nietzsche was still pushing up daisies.

      When a real ubermensch dies, he just takes a 3 day weekend, and conquers Hell.

      If you want to blame Christianity for everything bad that happened when the West abandoned its faith, then you must also credit it with everything good that happened while it still believed.

      • Sils-Marius

        I don’t believe in the supernaturalness of Jesus so that argument doesn’t really work on me. (And Nietzsche never claimed to be a superman of any sort. Not that it matters, Jesus might be your infallible Rabbi, but N. is not mine.)

        The main good the church was incidental to its religious core: it provided an institutional stability that possible helped keep the West together after the fall of Rome. Whether this outweighs the destruction Christianity brought on the cultural-heritage of Rome is an open question. Possible the effects balanced each other out.

        ASDF: The Conservatives of the US were never revolutionary, never nietzschean, but properly Christian, properly balanced. Look what good that did to you. Today America is ground-zero in the decline of the West. Nowhere is the decadence worse.

      • asdf

        So they went from being “properly Christian” to not being Christian, this change correlates with negative changes in society, and we are suppose to blame Christianity for trends it is negatively correlate with?

      • Sils-Marius

        When the body dies so does the parasite. That doesnt prove that the parasite was keeping it alive.

      • Koanic

        If the chaff disbelieves in the farmer, does the farmer care?

        Consult Charles Murray’s Human Accomplishment, and you’ll find that civilization is white, male and Christian. Not Roman, not Athenian, not Spartan, and certainly not Norse.

        Christianity was always supposed to go to zero – after rotating through every tribe and nation. God will not contend with man forever. You look around a harvested field and proclaim that grain is dead. It’s in the silo, bud.

        Now the reapers are busy in Asia and Africa. But that won’t last forever, either.

        And do you know what happens after harvest?

        Makes great fertilizer for the next planting.

        The alien from Galilee left an autographed shroud, a signature that to this day can’t be forged. There’s no cure for stupid, but there is a solution, and it’s coming.

      • Sils-Marius

        Ok, Athens wasnt civilized. Nor was Rome. Got it.

        Btw, will everyone in heaven have asperger?

      • Koanic

        You can’t understand the difference between the statements
        1. “Civilization is not Roman”
        2. “The Romans were not civilized”

        And you have the temerity to argue that *I’m* the one with Asperger’s?


      • Sils-Marius

        “… and you’ll find that civilization is white, male and Christian. Not Roman, not Athenian, not Spartan, and certainly not Norse.”

        I. Civilization is white, male and Christian.

        II. The Romans were not Christian.

        III. Thus the Romans can not have possessed civilization.

        (IV. Which is ridicilous. Thus there must be something wrong with the premises.)

        Is that clear enough for your brain?

      • Koanic

        Only if “Civilization is white, male and Christian” is synonymous with “Only white male Christians are civilized.” Which I’ve already told you, it isn’t. Perhaps you shouldn’t comment on social matters if your brain does not process subtlety. [AUTHOR IMPLIES YOU HAVE ASPERGER'S SYNDROME]

    • Samson J.

      Look, philosophically, to the degree there is a first cause to our plight, it it starts with Jesus Christ. Everything bad that´s happened since ultimately stems from him and his disciple Paul.


      Since the printing-press still exists, as well as the internet, we must either discard Jesus or reason (that includes the Enlightenment, dark or otherwise).

      Christianity beats the intellectual stuffing out of pagan atheism. Get on board or get left out.

      • Frost

        I think it’s obvious that western civilization reached it’s spiritual zenith in the 16th and 17th century. This is most evident in art. Certainly no serious person would argue that literature has improved since the Earl of Oxford and the KJV, painting since the ninja turtles and Caravaggio, architecture since the construction of St Peter’s and St Paul’s. This is also the era of the greatest territorial expansion of European Christendom.

        Since then, both Civilization and the practice of Christianity have been in decline. It strikes me as painfully obvious that the two are correlated.

        Does Civilization follow from Christianity? Seems reasonable to me, whether because the bible is the word of God, or just a fine set of myths.

        It could also be the case that obedience to God (whether he exists or not) is an effect of civilization, not a cause. In which case, the rise of Christianity will not be the cause of the reaction but a measure of its success.

        Finally it could be that the correlation between Christianity and Civilization is coincidental, which doesn’t seem likely but even if it’s the case, a Christian Reaction is still no worse off than a secular one.

        Sils-Marius’s argument, presuming he agrees with me that both Christianity and Civilization have been on the wane over the past half-millennium, must be that things would be even worse if we hadn’t turned away from Christ. Not unlike an anti-colonialist arguing that Rhodesia would be in even worse shape had it not nobly wrested freedom from its evil British Imperialist overlords.

      • Koanic

        hahaha awesome

      • Sils-Marius

        You might not be aware of him but Oswald Spengler, one of the greatest thinkers of his time, shared your analysis on when the zenith of the west was. Yet, to him, it was what he called the Faustian Spirit that was the cause. Manifesting, of course, through Christianity, but obviously independent from it (as the glorious histories of the Oriental or Ethiopian Christians clearly show). I don´t know have literary oriented you are, but you might want to check out his Decline Of The West.

        And my argument is not that we would be worse off if we had stayed with the faith (that would have been impossible anyway, the printing press and reason doomed traditional Christianity), but that we would have been better of if Christ had been hit by a cart at age 10. It is the ideas contained in Christianity that is the cause of our doom. Christianity was the bolshevism of the Roman Enmpire (as a famous statesman put it).

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  • Nergal

    Good post.


    “The Reaction needs digital currencies to bring down the central bank.”

    This is true, but might I suggest actual alternative hard currency as well?

    The problem with our digital currencies is that they exist at the whim of certain “cyber crimes” offices of certain countries. Our political opponents will put a stop to that after it becomes widespread.

    We also need hard currency. It doesn’t matter what it’s based on,metal,seeds,oatmeal,whatever,but you need it to be backed up by some kind of good which people can exchange your currency for. Maybe diversify it so that you can get 1lb of copper or 50 itunes songs with your certificate,depending on your preference.

    What would be best,in my opinion, would be a currency that is objectively worth money,but relatively inexpensive by the pound at the moment. Like aluminum bills. Aluminum is difficult to refine. It was once worth many times its weight in gold,and it will be again,if things continue along the same path. Aluminum is objectively useful and valuable. You can build an airplane out of it,or you can affix it to your house to prevent weathering,or you can transport or cook food in it relatively safely. Aluminum bills can be made as light or possibly lighter than paper,and new advances in metallurgy would even make them more durable than paper. A slight admixture with copper or nickel and the right heat treatments would make the aluminum a “memory metal”,meaning that it could be folded,twisted,or warped just as paper can be,while conferring the advantage of being water-resistant that paper does not have.

    • Frost

      If the future of currency is physical rather than digital, we’ll be on the gold standard, not aluminum or anything . Read this long essay for the game theory:

      However you are right that a bitcoin-denominated future isn’t a foregone conclusion. Ultimately I think it comes down to whether the reaction is marketed more as a return to traditional (Gold) or a bold step forward into the post-democratic, techno-futuristic-singularitan era ($BC or some other digitial currency).

      My estimation of which will win out is pretty close to 50/50. Fortunately betting on one doesn’t preclude betting on the other.

    • Nick B. Steves

      I do agree with Frost on this. If the currency is to be physical, it will be gold. It has too many advantages, the largest of which is… well… it’s largeness. There is way more above ground gold in vaults than there is silver… and I don’t mean in dollar value, but in absolute kgs. This means that the store is hard to dilute with new mining. Commodities like silver, palladium, platinum are USED. Gold is not useful. That is WHAT makes it good money.

      I disagree that digital currencies exist only at the whim of cyber-crimes officers. P2P currencies exist. Full stop. There’s nothing in the world cyber-crimes officers can do about that, i.e., short of shutting down the internet… which of course shuts down a lot more than just P2P currencies. (And the SW will still be there when the internet comes back up, so it solves nothing really.)

      All they can do is try to prevent exchanges with them, i.e., in/out of gov’t issued currencies, or in the limit even in/out of any goods or services. So far, gov’t actors are only trying to crack the anonymity of P2P currencies by monitoring the exits. This is what Mt. Gox has been at for many months. And they just announced that they are requiring for all gov’t currency transactions (in or out). But note this doesn’t come close to killing bitcoin. Anymore than bank identification kills normal cash transactions. It drives the illegal part of it underground. There are still ways to convert BTC in and out of, say, dollars, but the price for doing that just went up.

      For the legit businesses and traders, it’s no big deal. And it is the legit businesses that make BTC an existential threat to gov’t issued currencies, and potentially even to gold. This is because the key feature of bitcoin (or any P2P currencies… only one of which at MOST can live… so that’s why I’m talking mostly about BTC) is NOT its supposed anonymity… its no where near as anonymous as cash. The key feature of BTC is that it glides with little or no financial friction. The true innovation here is that you can exchange actual property over the internet with a third party (like paypal or CCs). This advantage is 2-4% but in businesses with margins in the 10-15% range, that seemingly little bit of advantage is huge. Of course for international transactions you can multiply that advantage by about 3.

      That is what makes P2P currency (and I think it will long term be BTC) so profoundly destabilizing… it cuts out the middle man on internet transactions… once it does that it becomes supremely attractive as a means of exchange… once it does that, its natural advantage as a super-hard currency takes over as a store of value. Once China (or for that matter Thailand) wants to be reimbursed in BTC instead of dollars… it will be lights out on USD as World Reserve Currency. It would bring a lot of sanity to the world with a minimum of bloodshed.

      • Nick B. Steves

        Darn… I meant “actual property over the internet without a third party.”

        Darn again… I should have blogged this.

      • Frost

        Yes, I think I’ve speculated before (on Twitter?) abut the implications of a Russian/Saudi/Chinese declaration of $BC as their official reserve currency.

        Bitcoin will live for as long as tech-savvy people continue to have faith in it.

        I agree with you regarding Gold but it has nothing to do with tons in vaults, utility, etc… Currency is 100% a coordination game. Gold will win because everyone knows that everyone kows that everyone knows that gold is money. The only potential physical challenge to Gold would be if a resurgent China or Russia declared a new metallic standard (Rhodium?) bought up the world’s stores, and made a sufficiently convincing case that they were standing behind Rhodium the way responsible western governments used to stand behind gold.

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  • VXXC

    “even temporary counters to Dalit street gangs.

    I like you.

  • Samson J.

    Excellent piece, Frost.

    Humility is necessary because the Dark Enlightenment will continue to attract better and better people. I consider myself a smart enough fella, but I’m not at all ashamed to admit that I’m not operating on the same level as the sharper writers listed above.

    I’ve been thinking the same thing recently as I’ve also watched the proliferation of great blogs that I can no longer keep up with. It’s getting bigger, and unlike some other commenters, I’m quite optimistic. I think there are probably quite a few intelligent, well-placed men out there who have noticed that things just… aren’t quite right, but who haven’t encountered the Reaction for one reason or another. I don’t believe this is going to “fizzle out”.

    The list of types of people we “need” is useful. I think the Reaction will have entered a new phase when more of us are willing to write publicly, under real names. We’re not there yet, but perhaps sooner than one might think.

    A successful Reaction in which the victors feel unbound by Christian ideals of forbearance and charity will lead to mass killings on a scale that will make the mid-20th century look like a day at the beach.

    I’m very glad you grasp this, even if you can’t bring yourself to fully agree with Christianity – it shows a rare and necessary wisdom.

  • Buttercup Dew

    Don’t forget jesters.

    Put me under Ethnonationalist / Christian.

  • Alt Right News

    Great post. I am working on several projects, short, mid, and long-term, based on translating the reactionary sphere to some real-world relevance.

    For now, check out one of my sites, – it’s an Alt-Right answer to Drudge Report.

    More projects will be unveiled very soon, and I’m sure many others are working diligently as well.

    There will inevitably be competition among writers as the field gets more crowded. We should still try to support each other to the extent we can, because ‘The Code’ is more important than individual glory.

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