A Series On Rape, Whether You Like It Or Not

December 26, 2013

May I have your consent to share with you my recent series on false rape accusations? Remember, the safe word is ALT + Left Arrow. We started earlier this month with How To Avoid A False Rape Accusation. Since then, I’ve published three articles over at Return Of Kings: 1) The Truth About False Rape […]

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How To Learn Game In One Week

December 13, 2013

Every straight man alive in the 21st century needs to learn Game. This post will teach you all the Game you need to derive 80% of the potential benefits. Where you go from there is up to you. First of all: What is Game? Let’s start with what it’s not: Game is not shiny pendants […]

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How To Avoid A False Rape Accusation

December 9, 2013

False Rape Accusations are a natural consequence of the Feminist redefinition of rape, and the complete lack of severe legal or social penalties for women who make false accusations. If you are a young man in an English-speaking country today, it’s important to be aware of this threat and take appropriate measures to protect yourself. […]

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Two Games

December 5, 2013

The modern man has two games to play. We’re all familiar with The First Game. The rules are: Have meaningless sex with slutty girls, then go brag about it on the internet. We’re no strangers to the First Game, here at Thumotic. The Second Game is much less talked-about, but the challenge is greater, the […]

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Why Feminists Are Ugly

December 3, 2013

In recent decades, Feminists have been riding high, tearing down the institutions and social fabric of the western world. They have conquered our courts, bolshevized our bureaucracy, and power-drill fucked our pop culture until all that remains is a quivering, whimpering heap of ultradiversity and hamster-crack. The enemies of Feminism are legion though, as the […]

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Five Novels and Memoirs By Red Pill Authors

November 29, 2013

Men don’t read anymore. Sure, you’re reading this right now. And I might catch a stop sign or two on my way to work this morning. But when it comes to “real” reading, men make up a mere 20% of book sales in England, the USA and Canada. This is probably because we’re misogynist, patriarchal […]

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Seven Ways The Red Pill Will Improve Your Life

November 25, 2013

Above all else, the Red Pill is about self-improvement. Sure, we enjoy a good laugh at rotund feminists and mentally ill manginas, as much as the next fella. But that’s just an entertaining sideshow. At our core, we are a group of men dedicated to self-improvement in every facet of our lives. The Red Pill […]

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Spot Price, Forward Contracts, and Maturity Transformation in the Sexual Marketplace

October 28, 2013

Behold! The Sexual Market Value Graph That Launch’d A Thousand Ships: The graph was originally created by your pal Rollo over at The Rational Male, and recently defended by Vox Day from a shot across the bow by PZ Myers, who rejects the claim that a sexual marketplace exists, and that age is a factor […]

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Five Unconventional Cures For Depression And Anxiety

October 9, 2013

A gentlemen should never complain about something he has no intention of fixing. So, having written two posts on mental illness – Feminism Is Causing Depression and The Coming Suicide Epidemic – today I’m going to discuss some unconventional solutions to mental health problems. My standard disclaimer applies: I am not a doctor, this blog […]

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Best Friends 5 Ever

October 2, 2013

Last week, The Last Psychiatrist emerged from his den of Dexedrine, rum and erotic literature to write Real Men Want To Drink Guinness, But Don’t Expect Them To Pay For It. Hat tip to Free Northerner for the link. TLP’s article ripped on this Guinness Ad: Quoth the LP: “In 1990, the ad would have […]

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