The Thumotic Lifestyle Guide And 30-Day Challenge is a book I’ve written to immediately and permanently introduce discipline, pride, and good habits to your life. It is a complete system for taking control of:

  • Your health, fitness, energy level, and physical appearance
  • Your career and finances
  • Your relationships with women and your ability to (if you choose) safely start a family among the many landmines of the 21st-century sexual marketplace
  • Your ability to tune out distractions and focus on what is truly important to you in your life

If you’ve stalled and you need a kick in the ass, The Thumotic Lifestyle Guide will give it to you. If you’re already doing well in life, this book will introduce you to some new habits and ideas that you can incorporate into your routine.

Nothing in this book is magic; it’s just a carefully-edited distillation of everything I’ve learned in my twenties about how to be a man. It’s all the information I wish I had had when I was younger.

There are a lot of books out there that make a similar promise. Most are written by sleazy internet marketers and are a waste of your money. I can’t prove this to you, but I think if you listen to your gut, you’ll find you agree.

Reviews and Testimonials

Roosh V

“If you’re knee-deep in my blog and others, the information will seem introductory in nature, but for beta males it’s an eye-opening work that will question the choices they’ve made in life, and then put them on the right path. Therefore I recommend it mostly for newbies who have not yet started their self-improvement journey. It will offer a stern wake-up to those who are coasting along and waiting for magic to happen.”

Keoni Galt

“If you buy this book and read it (and I certainly recommend it, especially for young men in their teens and early 20′s), whether you agree or disagree with Frost’s premises and proscriptions, one thing is for sure: his book will certainly make you think about things in a new light and perhaps identify patterns and behaviors that you mindlessly engage in. It may make you realize just how many things in your life are nothing more than playing the role of a script that someone or something else has written for you.

I’m more than a decade older than Frost. In this respect I envy the time he has gained in comparison to my own epiphany that I had in my mid-30′s. Frost discovered these hard truth’s at an earlier stage in his life, and he quickly realized that life is too short to simply follow the standard script. So he went about acting upon the revelations he gained and put a plan into action to find his own freedom.

BEWARE: Reading this book may give you similar inspiration and cause you to radically alter your life.

I have a few young men in mind who I think could greatly benefit from reading it, and I shall be giving it to them in the hopes that they too realize that their own freedom and chance at personal fulfillment is in their hands. Take a chance and give it read, you might too.”

Fly Fresh And Young

“Regardless of where you need advice or inspiration, like I said earlier, Frost probably has something in there for you. If even a manosphere red pill vet like me could pick up a thing or two or three, I am sure you will as well. I enjoyed it and learned a lot, and look at the way I live a lot differently since reading it. Highly recommended.

Captain Capitalism

“In short, the book is mandatory reading for any young man, say 25 or younger. It would save millions of young men billions of hours and billions of dollars in effort, costs, finances and health savings. The book is quite wide in its scope covering finances, health, and courting, the health section I found particularly helpful. However (as with anything in any aspect of life) it may not be terribly beneficial to those over 25 or those who simple developed game and took the red pill of reality early on in their youth. Of course, this is not a criticism because my most recent book is the exact same thing – a book targeted towards youth, not necessarily older people, though older folks would certainly benefit from it.”

Ferdinand Bardamu [Now going by Matt Forney]

“More importantly, Frost’s book is invaluable not just because of his practical advice but because of the attitude it presents. Notwithstanding his occasional forays into condescension, Frost reinforces an important idea that most self-improvement shysters don’t – self-improvement is a roadmap, not a guided tour. There is no 100 percent foolproof method to becoming rich, getting a six-pack or having women line up to suck your dick. You need to seek out the facts yourself, test them, find out what works for you and what doesn’t. Everyone is different enough that they’ll need to chart their own paths to prosperity.

“Living well is the best revenge” is a tired cliche, but it’s the truth. The manosphere takes heat from all corners – from feminists upset that the PC apple cart is being overturned to Christian “conservatives” eternally seeking out marks for their never-ending con game. The thin red thread connecting these disparate groups of haters is that they are all failures in their personal lives. Oh sure, some of them may be outwardly successful, healthy, wealthy or otherwise. But deep down inside, all of them feel inadequate, even if they won’t admit it. Whether it’s the barren-wombed lawyer termagent who labors eighty hours a week with nothing to look forward to but another drunken one-night stand, or the married eunuch putting himself into an early grave to provide for a wife who hates him and children who don’t respect him, mediocrities can’t stand excellence. Like crabs in a bucket, they’d rather drag down anyone who rises to the top instead of figuring out how to escape themselves.

What gives me satisfaction when these types hate on me and my comrades is not only knowing that I’m healthier, more financially secure and sexually satisfied then them, but knowing that I have one thing they don’t and never will – freedom. While I’m still working on achieving my dreams, unlike the termagent or the eunuch, I don’t have to wait until arthritis sets in to realize them. I’m not tied to my job, my house or my city. I don’t get out of bed every morning dreading the day to come. I don’t work a job I hate to pay off a stream of credit card debts. I don’t put up with disrespectful women out of some misbegotten sense of loyalty to a society that abandoned me long ago. While I’d never say I’m happy (because “happiness” is a fleeting emotion, not a state of being), I can look at myself in the mirror and claim to be fulfilled – something none of my detractors can honestly say.”

Aaron Sleazy

“Frost challenges us to cut the bullshit from our lives, escape our mundane existence, and find ourselves. He himself hasn’t found all answers to the questions that were pressing him either, but he is able to share a tremendous amount of insight in this short book. The review is long and detailed, but if you trust my judgment without reading it, or you simply belong to the “tl; dr generation”, I’ll tell you straight away that I highly recommend this book. It may well be the best investment you have made all year long.

How To Buy The Book

You can purchase The Thumotic Lifestyle Guide And 30-Day Challenge on Amazon, and read it on a Kindle, mobile device, or PC. If you don’t have a Kindle, this is a great excuse to buy one. I recommend the simple $79 touchscreen.