How Speed Dating Works


I went speed dating last night and had a lovely time. For those of you who live under rocks, speed dating is where you pay a few bucks to go on a dozen three-minute dates with a bunch of girls who’ve signed up to do the same. As a keen student of human sexual dynamics, […]

Book Review: Confessions Of An Online Hustler

Make a list of things the world needs more of, and “books about making money online” will rank right in between malaria-infested mosquitoes and male feminists. You open a car door in 2013 and you’ll hit some kid who thinks he’s the second coming of Tim Ferriss, because he mastered the art of the WordPress […]

The High School Student’s Guide To The Red Pill


Many high school students are stumbling across the Red Pill community, and wondering: What can I do to improve my life now? The vast majority of the Red Pill advice is written by and for men in their late twenties and beyond. Smart high school students coming to this odd new corner of the internet […]

The Definitive Guide To Focus, Information Management, and Efficiency


As much as men are fucking themselves over by not eating healthy, lifting, and picking up girls, I firmly believe that the number one cause of self-destruction in our generation is poor information management. Men waste time reading bullshit, they work inefficiently, they live in  perpetual state of distraction – it’s harmful shit. I believe […]