G Manifesto Game On A Neil Skywalker Budget

Check out my guest post over at Return of Kings: G Manifesto Game On A Neil Skywalker Budget If you don’t understand the title, that just means you’re not spending enough time on the Roosh V Forum.

The Definitive Guide To Lifting Weights


This post is a complete guide to strength training for men. One of the most common reasons that men don’t lift is information overload. Guys think that they don’t know enough about training. They think that resistance training is complicated, and if you don’t do it perfectly you’ll cripple yourself and never be able to […]

What You Should Know About Making Money Online


Ever since Benjamin Franklin flew a kite in a lightning storm, men have been trying to tame the mighty electron and turn it into dollars. Today, we call this practice online marketing, digital marketing, and a few other phrases that all basically mean the same thing – building websites that put cash in your bank […]

Ask Me Anything

(Cross post from my other blog, Freedom Twenty-Five) Reddit is a site where dorks waste time looking at pictures of kittehs and saggy boobs. But it’s also a key battleground in la revolucion for the hearts and minds of the best and brightest young minds in America. So it is with great pleasure that I […]

The Definitive Guide To Nutrition For Men


This post is a complete guide to food and nutrition for the contemporary man. It is specifically tailored to young men who lift heavy weights, play real sports, and want to look like a piece of heavy construction equipment wrapped in skin. The structure of this post is a twelve step program, ordered from the […]

Worried About Getting “Too Big”

Some men don’t want to lift heavy weights, because they’re worried about getting too big. A contributor to the usually excellent Return Of Kings made this argument today: “This is the truth about bodybuilding: If you do everything about it right, expend huge amounts of time and energy, you’ll end up stiff and muscle-bound, with […]