Winter Is Coming


The purpose of this blog is to help western men get what they want and need out of life. To that end, I write about health, seduction, money and other lifestyle design topics. But before we get into all of that, I’m going to add an important preface to it all. I’m going to lay […]

The Thumotic Juicing Protocol

This post is a complete guide to juicing fruits and vegetables for young men. It covers the benefits of juicing, how to get started, and my own personal experiences. I also recommend you check out Fit Juice for more information. The Benefits Of Juicing Juicing is an important and valuable habit for men. It’s an […]

Why You Should Run A Marathon

There are many good reasons not to compete in endurance sports: Running makes you sick. Running makes you skinny. Running makes you weak. Running makes you ugly. Running makes you immuno-compromised. Running makes you inflamed. Running makes you die earlier. Running makes you a loser who spends his Saturday mornings gathering with fellow SWPL milquetoasts […]

How To Find A Wife

family dyck

There are a great many men who are completely uninterested in marriage and fatherhood. For example, there are plenty of men who: – Have been hurt by women in their lives, traumatized by the experience, and are unwillingly to put themselves at risk of being hurt again – Are by their nature r-selected simpletons with […]

The 100% Guaranteed First Date Bang

I recently outlined the 100% Guaranteed Second Date Bang. But, why wait two whole dates? I’m a busy man. Really though, this is not a recipe for an actual guaranteed first-date bang.  The second-date bang is still my go-to, but sometimes a girl comes along who is just so obviously into you that you know […]

RSD Sucks Dog Balls… ORLY?

On the first read, I agreed with most of what Roosh wrote in this post: Is RSD Hurting Young Men? But, this comment by YaReally is a phenomenal takedown of his arguments. Respectful, too. Men take heed: this is how you disagree on the internet. Some excerpts: The reason a lot of you Manosphere guys […]

The Contrived Hook Point

I mentioned one of my favourite smooth moves in this post: I call it The Contrived Hook Point. What is a hook point? Basically it’s the moment when a girl goes from lukewarm to definitely wanting your dick and starts radiating IOIs like she just went supernova. Recognizing when a girl hits her hook point […]

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

If you want to be an alpha male, you must be prepared to accept the duties of leadership along with the perks. Much and more has been written about the benefits of being perceived as a high-value man. An alpha male has a right to put himself first; he has a right to his choice […]