Facilitating, Not Attracting


Here’s a useful mindset for you to try out: Game is about facilitating sex, not creating attraction. The mindset works like this: Forget about attracting girls. Forget about conjuring panty moisture out of thin air. Learning game is just a matter of understanding how to step aside and let sex happen without shooting yourself in […]

Hoisted From The Comments: On Grooming

I’ve met a lot of guys who found the seduction community, and 6 months in were just as visually unattractive as when they started. But it’s alright, because they’d “annihilated their approach anxiety”. An excellent comment from The Gentleman Slut on the importance of grooming/style/fitness: “If every guy who wants more or hotter women did […]

The Evolution Of Female Flakiness


The female of the human species has always been flaky, and she has always been flaky for the same reason: To test the persistence and dedication of men. The logic is simple. Let’s say a woman wants to test a man for how invested he is in a budding relationship. She can’t simply ask a […]

On Teaching Game To Nerds

I read this post on NexxtLevelUp and came across this comment: “Always hilarious when a really good-looking and muscular guy tries to teach game to nerds. You don’t even understand the advantages you have.” But, speaking as a (reasonably) good-looking and muscular guy, I will say this: I absolutely understand the advantages. Why the hell […]

The 100% Guaranteed Second-Date Bang

This is my 100% guaranteed-or-your-money-back recipe (literally and figuratively) for getting laid in one and a half dates. Caveats: It is free, so you will not actually get any money back. Also, my lifetime success rate with it is about 75%. But that’s still pretty fucking solid if you ask me, so have a seat […]

Planting Vs. Harvesting

Monday afternoon, just came back from a long and exhausting weekend at the cottage. A long week of work, iron, late hockey games and social commitments lies ahead. I’m faced with a choice: How do I spend my two free evenings this week? I’ll tell you what I want to do: I want to relax. […]

The Party Is Over

A good post from Danger and Play on the subject of hustling, investing, and managing your career. Best read in tandem with an earlier post, Value Investing (In Yourself). “Guys are saying that college is a scam and a man can waste his 20s goofing off and partying. That advice is based in large part […]

On Lockdown: The Drinks Place

In Golf we say: Drive for show, putt for dough. Similarly, the Pickup Artist studies tactics for show, but will earn the bulk of his bangs through the unglamorous study and implementation of tight logistics. This post addresses one of the most essential aspect of Pussy Supply Chain Management (PSCM, coming soon to an HBS […]