What Really Happened To Tucker Max?

Tucker Max has a new site, The Mating Grounds, which is simultaneously ripping off and attacking The Red Pill/Manosphere. Here is proof that The Mating Grounds is ripping of Danger and Play. Here is proof that The Mating Grounds is lying about Roosh. It’s not all stolen content. The Mating Grounds also published a flagship […]

Your Friends Are Holding You Back

Here’s a story that you’ve probably heard before. Our generic protagonist is Timmy, a typical beta male, living a fearful and unsatisfying life. Timmy doesn’t lift weights and get muscular, because he doesn’t want to be ‘gym bro’. He doesn’t hustle to make more money, because he already has a nine-to-five job. He doesn’t approach […]

Alcohol is Hurting You

I lost my mother to alcohol, and it still wasn’t enough. She didn’t even die. She just reached a point where drinking became her only priority in life. But no matter how bad it hurt to watch alcohol destroy my family, it wasn’t enough to ever make me question my own drinking habits. Is alcohol […]

A Boy Is Born

A boy is born. The first person he meets takes a sharp knife, and hacks off part of his penis. This is the only favour that American society will ever do for the boy: Introduce him to the world with a brutal declaration of its hostile intent. Third grade The boy wants to run, play, […]

Caricatures of Masculinity

Men are rejecting the emasculating nature of post-modern western culture. That’s a good thing. But in our zeal to reject the effeminate zeitgeist, we have created subcultures which elevate traditional manly virtues to the point of excess and self-parody. We have turned ourselves into caricatures of masculinity. This reaction is understandable, maybe even desirable. In […]

How To Write A Resume That Will Actually Get You A Job (And A Life)

Building a great resume is a difficult process. If you don’t make the correct layout, content, and design decisions, your resume won’t be looked at twice. Fortunately, this post will teach you everything you need to know about building a great resume. First: Select a good stock of paper. Nothing turns off a hiring manager […]

How A Sexually Transmitted Disease Made Me A Better Man

Getting diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease was one of the best things that ever happened to me. If you haven’t yet done so, I highly recommend you try it. You think I’m being ironic. I promise that I’m not. My diagnosis with a common and transient sexually transmitted disease led to one of the […]

Turning Pro

The metaphor of The Red Pill refers to the hidden, repressed nature of politically incorrect truths. We’re discovering new information, and discarding the lies that we’ve been taught. But little of it is actually new. What we call “The Red Pill” was common knowledge to previous generations. For example, Shopenhauer, Shakespeare, and Jesus Christ would […]

Tucker Max And Geoffrey Miller Hack The Manosphere

Tucker Max and Geoffrey Miller have created a new blog: The Mating Grounds, which purports to teach men the truth about sex and dating. Here is the official story of how Mating Grounds was ideated: At dinner, Geoff told Tucker’s how he’d heard of his books, and explained that he had to spend hours explaining […]

The Red Pill Review

Today is an exciting day, friends. It is my great pleasure to announce the launch of The Red Pill Review: A complete guide to the Red Pill community. The Red Pill Review is designed to be your gateway to all the best Red Pill content on the web. Users can visit the website and immediately […]

Viva La Manosphere Is A Fraud

You’re probably familiar with Viva La Manosphere, a site run by a guy who calls himself Jack. The site collects links from around the Manosphere and displays them on his front page. As of today, I want nothing more to do with Jack or his site. Why? Well, here are two websites about vegetable juicing […]

The Six Habits That Make You A Man

I’ve made all kinds of mistakes in my life. I spent four years fucking around in college. I backpacked around the world for a year like a dirty hippie when I should have been building my future like a grown man. I drank too much. I chased girls for the ego boost. I’ve slacked off […]

Five Mistakes I Made In My Early Twenties

The wise man learns from someone else’s mistakes, the smart man learns from his own, and the stupid one never learns. – Russian Proverb I’ve had quite a bit more success in life than most twenty-eight year olds. But I’ve also endured some self-inflicted setbacks. I don’t dwell on these mistakes, but I do try […]

The Beta Coin Bubble

Bitcoin! Freedom Baby, Yeah! It’s all very groovy. I’m cheering for Bitcoin. I really am. But, the majority of present-day Bitcoinistas are likely to wind up impoverished, imprisoned or immolated at the stake in the public square. Bitcoin is too much of a threat, to a global elite that relies on fiat currency for much […]